An Architectural Destination
Columbus, Indiana

An Architectural Destination

Columbus is perhaps best known as a city full of buildings and homes designed by some of the world’s most famous and revered architects and designers. The city offers a variety of tours to check out some of the best modern architecture anywhere. But Columbus is about much more than that. The city is also very supportive of the arts, with public arts displays scattered across the city.

Columbus by the Numbers
  • 700
    Acres of Parks
  • 20
    Miles of People Trails
  • Exhibit Columbus
    Exhibit Columbus

    Exhibit Columbus is an exploration of architecture, art, design, and community that activates the design legacy of Columbus, Indiana. More information can be found here.

  • Zaharakos

    Visit the ice cream parlor where Thrillist said: “The homemade sodas and sundaes taste like a simpler time, though some of that could come from the fact that it feels like you’re eating in an ice cream museum, with much of the shop’s original fixtures in decor still intact.” Learn more here.

Some argue that America’s best city for architecture is Chicago. Others favour Miami’s Art Deco legacy, the dilapidated elegance of New Orleans or the jumbled cosiness of San Francisco. But to see the greatest collection of Modernist masterpieces in the smallest space, fly to Indianapolis and drive south-east for about an hour to Columbus…
Columbus, Indiana, thrived while other cities declined, because J. Irwin Miller, its wealthiest and most prominent industrialist, remained deeply rooted in and committed to his city. He used his clout, money, and a visionary progressive approach to build up Columbus for long-term success.
The Economist
Aaron Renn, The Atlantic
Get Outside!

Get Outside!

The National Recreation and Park Association ranked the park system in Columbus #1 for cities of its size. Columbus parks include an ice skating rink, a skateboard park, an observation tower, and an ivy-covered tunnel in addition to the usual fishing, walking, hiking, and biking.

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